About us

AIESEC Alumni Germany (AAG) consists of former AIESECers who continue to strive for AIESEC's goals and values in our society and bridge the gap between current and former AIESEC generations.

AAG is point of contact and networking platform and offers its members a wide range of opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience. Volunteering as mentor, speaker, project manager, trainer, regional alumni coordinator or board member is the basis of our association. The exchange with AIESEC and the international AIESEC Alumni groups gives us important input for our work.

Our main goals are:

- the expansion of the AIESEC Alumni network in Germany

- the exchange with international AIESEC alumni and their organizations

- Support AIESEC Germany with advice and be the largest financial NGO donor

Achieving these goals means:

- Inspire our members again and again to get involved in AIESEC and the AAG

- Commit to the implementation of the AIESEC values

- Maintain and expand membership growth of the recent years

- Sustainably develop the positive image of our association among our stakeholders

Support us! Please contact us at board(at)aiesec-alumni.de