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The current situation with the covid19-virus demands a lot from each and everyone of us. NGOs dealing with intercultural exchange, like AIESEC, are especially hit by the restrictions imposed on communities all around the world.

AIESEC's massive problem is that there is no exchange, so no money is coming into the organisation while fixed costs have to be paid.

AIESEC Germany has already taken drastic measures to reduce these costs but the financial burden on the organisation remains.

You can support AIESEC Germany directly by clicking here
(So far, around 4.350 Euro have been donated by AIESEC Alumni via this link)

Of course you can also donate to AIESEC Germany via AIESEC Alumni Germany

For every 1 Euro in donations by our members, AIESEC Alumni Germany matches that donation with another 1 Euro. AIESEC Alumni Germany has an annual budget dedicated to support AIESEC Germany's conferences, projects, up to 10 exchanges and much more. The board of AIESEC Alumni Germany has decided to shift this budget towards direct financial aid for AIESEC Germany.

These are the milestones where AIESEC Alumni Germany will match each donation by a 100%:

1. 5.000€ in donations: total donation of 10.000€ to AIESEC
2. 7.500€ in donations: total donation of 15.000€ to AIESEC
3. 10.000€ in donations: total donation of 20.000€ to AIESEC

In order to donate via AIESEC Alumni Germany, please use the form below.

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  • that receipts will be sent to donors for donations of 200€ and upwards