Stephan Nagel: Positive Coaching at the 12.09.2020

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Stephan Nagel ist Trainer und Coach, der sich mit den Themen Mindfulness, Zufriedenheit und Gesundheit befasst.

Über sich selbst sagt er:

I put the person first. Having strong and honest relationships is the key for a maximum of performance. For the leader, as well as the team member. That is why I seek to better understand myself and others. For me this improves every relationship and is beneficial to solving problems of all kinds. I believe that all humans are curious. And it gives me energy to help people to figure out what excites them. In my opinion, every person can achieve anything they want as long as they have determination and a growth-mindset.

I believe in the need of a trusting and playful work environment as an accelerator for individual and company growth. In addition, I see the need for a balance of cognitive and manual labor, as a means, to stay healthy and to perform to our best.

I am passionate about mindfulness and discussions about how to help people to live a happy, meaningful and healthy life.

Im Workshop selbst wird Stephan Euch das Thema Positive Coaching unter dem Gesichtspunkt "Was stimmt mit mir?" näherbringen, oder in seinen eigenen Worten:

In this session, we will explore a positive mindset focusing on what is right with you and others instead of what is wrong with you and others. We will focus on strengths and you will even take a first step to become a professional strengths spotter.

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Dein Coach: Stephan Nagel

Christopher Peters