Alumni 2 AIESEC

AIESEC Alumni Germany e.V. and Deutsche Komitee der AIESEC e.V. (the German MC) have signed a special partnership agreement in summer 2011. To drive this partnership ahead, we offer a platform for AIESEC Alumni to support student AIESEC:

  • with mentoring
  • with intership position
  • with local and national partnerships
  • and with a lot more

AIESEC Alumni Germany supports the local committees of AIESEC in Germany

Besides the collaboration with the German Member Committee another big pillar for alumni is the long-term support of AIESEC work in the regions and on local level.
We want to promote the exchange between student AIESEC and alumni and offer each local committee to contact us for speakers, trainers or financial contribution to AIESEC events.
Furthermore, every board member of AIESEC Alumni Germany is available to answer question about alumni work.


LC Alumni Coordinator

AIESEC Alumni Germany would like to establish LC Alumni Coordinators to facilitate a sustainable alumni work. The coordinators are AIESEC Alumni who support on local level. If your LC does not have a coordinator, you can contact the board of AIESEC Alumni Germany directly. 

Searching for trainers or speakers?

If you are looking for a trainer or speaker at your AIESEC event, send us a request to with the following details: date, topic and possible content of the training or lecture.
We will then look for a suitable AIESEC Alumni and connect you.