Delegate Survey

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Please fill out the form until Thursday, 30th June, in order to support us in our
processes during the event. Parents, please fill out the form for your children,
primarily because of the lunch on the boat on Saturday.

   Your AAG RhineCruise OC

First Name

Your intended arrival in Bacharach:

Arrival date:
Thursday, 07th July
Friday, 08th July
Saturday, 09th July
Estimated time:
Arrival by:
Car as passenger

If you travel by train, do you need a shuttle from the trainstation?
For arrivals on Saturday: The trainstation is only 3 minutes to the boat (250 meters)

I need a shuttle from the trainstation:
No, I will walk to the boat (3 minutes)
Train number and scheduled arrival time in Bacharach

Friday, 08th July, participation at dinner (6pm - 7:30pm)

Dinner on Friday
Yes, I will participate at dinner
No, I will arrive after dinner
No, I will arrive on Saturday

Friday, 08th July, Winetasting (8:30pm - 10pm)

Yes, I will participate at the winetasting
Yes, but only non-alkoholic drinks
No, I will arrive on Saturday

Saturday, 09th July - Lunch on the boat (ca. 12am - 1:00pm)

This information is important to us due to the amount of people on the boat.
Saturday lunch on the boad
vegetable burger (vegetarian)
vegetable soup (vegetarian)
meatball with patato salad
meatball with pasta salad
meatball with coleslaw
sausage with patato salad
sausage with pasta salad
sausage with coleslaw

 Child care

Do you like for example to tinker, to read out load something or storytelling? (for one hour)
Aziz und Melanie would be pleased to get some support for the child care on Saturday
(on the boat or on the casle)

Child care support:
Yes, I would like to support child care (for approx. one hour)