50-Jahr-Feier des AAG

reconnect to your passion

Anniversary Ball

Friday, 31st of October, 2014

There will be a social program during friday until 5:00 pm

Anniversary Ball - moderation: Marietta Gaedeke (Alumna LC Mainz, today Managing Director Lilit Kommunikation in Mainz) and Harald Fuener (LCP Bayreuth 95/96, today TV-editor at Hessischer Rundfunk)

  • 6:00 pm Reception followed by a festive Ball with Dinner and Life Band
  • Alumni Keynote Speaker: Hannes S. Chopra (LC Freiburg and NCP/MCP Germany 92/93, today CEO Sberbank Insurance and Managing Partner CKW-Consult, living in Moscow)

  • Jean Choplin, Founder of AIESEC (1948) and Founder of AIESEC Alumni International (AAI), Member of the AIESEC Hall of Fame, based in France
  • Hartmut P. Röhl - Co-Founder of AKD, today's AAG 31.10.1964(LC Köln 1963-68, MC 1963-66, AAI 1966-68, today President GVA & Vice-President FIGIEFA and Founder as well as Head of Roehl-Vintana-Foundation for Madagascar)
  • Representatives of AIESEC Alumni International (AAI), AIESEC International (AI) in Rotterdam as well as of the German Committee of AIESEC (MC/NC) in Bonn.

Dress Code: Black Tie, ladies: long dress, men: tuxedo / dark suit


Saturday, 1st of November, 2014

  • Breakfast at the Hotel Mainzer Hof
  • There will be a social program during Saturday
  • 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm, AIESEC Alumni Germany General Assembly with the election of the AIESEC Alumni Germany board in the Hotel Mainzer Hof. For AAG Members only. Chair: Marvin Maiwald (NCP/MCP 2011-12)
  • 19:00 Dinner, typical restaurant in the old town of Mainz

Sunday, 2nd of November, 2014

  • Farewell Brunch with international guests

Prices for Alumni

Early Bird: until 17th August, 2014

  • 79 € Single Ticket *
  • 155 € Partner Ticket (2 Tickets) *
  • 650 € / Table for 8 persons**

Normal: from 18th August, 2014

  • 89 € Single Ticket *
  • 175 € Partner Ticket (2 Tickets) *
  • 725 € / Table for 8 persons**

Late: from 21st October, 2014

  • 99 € Single Ticket *
  • 195 € Partner Ticket (2 Tickets) *
  • 795 € / Table for 8 persons **

Last Minute: from 30th October, 2014

  • 115 € Single Ticket *
  • 225 € Partner Tickets (2 Tickets) *
  • 895 € / Table for 8 persons**


Prices for Students and Young Professionals (below 30 years of age)

Are you an active AIESEC Member or Young Professional and below the age of 30? Then your price for the ticket is 65 € for the anniversary ball. Alternatively, you ca join us after the official diner at 10:00 pm for the ball (including a midnight snack) for only 15 €.

65 € LC Delegate (up to age 30) for full event starting at 6:00 pm

15 € LC Delegate (up to age 30) for ball starting at 10:00 pm (without Dinner, but with midnight snack)

Alumni Support Ticket for ball participation of active AIESEC members (up to age 30)

You may well remember those times when money was always scarce and some expenses really needed good planning. The situation of students today is not any different. With your help we would like to provide some active AIESEC members with the opportunity to take part in our great ball at as low a cost as possible. For this reason we have introduced the AIESEC-Support-Ticket!

You can reduce the costs for an active AIESEC member (up to age 30) down to 15 € by donating either 25 € or 50 €. Please mark the respective box in the registration form.

Should you still be in contact with your former Local Committee or have good connections to the LC of your current town, you may invite someone from there. Otherwise we will organize the distribution of the support tickets.

*Upgrade from single ticket

*Single tickets may be upgraded to partner tickets and single as well as partner tickets to complete tables at a later stage at the prices available at that time. In order to do that please sign up again filling out the mandatory fields mentioning in the comment box underneath the respective booking option selected the existing booking/s to be integrated.

**Advantage by booking a full table...

You as the ‚patron‘ of the table can decide who will spend this unforgettable evening with you. In addition, non-AAG members will not need to pay a surcharge.